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Wildwood ALC is Currently Seeking Volunteers and Paid Substitute Facilitators for Spring 2018
(with possible part-time position Fall 2018)

Wildwood Agile Learning Community (ALC) is a non-profit educational resource center for local homeschooling families. At Wildwood, we hold space for intentionality, creativity and reflection, and then we watch the magic unfold. We develop relationships with children based on trust, respect, and acceptance, and we support them on their self-directed learning path.

We’re looking for a variety of volunteers and substitute facilitators to help us co-create a beautiful, supportive culture where kids learn through their passions and interests in collaboration with adults and community members. We currently have 3 regular “facilitators” (adult staff who support and collaborate with children), and would like to train substitute facilitators who might be available to fill in when one of our facilitators is unable to be present. We may also have a part-time facilitator position available starting in Fall 2018.

Wildwood serves 23 children ages 7-14 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-3:15pm; parents are welcome to stay and participate or drop off their children for the day. We are located at FaithBridge Methodist Church (194 Aho Rd). Our spring semester ends May 17, 2018, and we will begin again after summer break on September 4, 2018 (at a new location, 174 Brown Farm Rd). Read through our website to learn more about Wildwood. To learn more about the Agile Learning model visit here.

If any of the following ring true to you, you may be a great fit for Wildwood:

  • I am incurably curious and am fun to play with.
  • I see children as people whose choices, ideas, and feelings have equal value to those of adults.
  • I trust that people learn best through freedom and inner purpose.
  • Education should nurture young people’s authentic selves and support them in leading fulfilling lives.
  • I am a flexible, open-minded and forward thinking person who wants to become my best self.
  • I have passions that I would like to share!
  • I am comfortable with respectful, honest, authentic communication.
  • Creative play is fundamental to a happy and meaningful life (for all ages).
  • I can handle a high-energy, exuberant, and sometimes loud, atmosphere without becoming easily overwhelmed.


If this sounds like the place for you, please apply below to let us know how you would like to be involved! We have many different volunteer opportunities…from visiting to offer a one-time workshop or class, to participating every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday all day, and everything in between. We also welcome applications to become a paid substitute facilitator for this spring and during the 2018-19 year.